Welcome to Day 2!

Welcome to Day 2 of our email course. I’m very excited about today’s lesson – HOW TO MAKE MONEY.

Affiliate marketing is by far the best and easiest way to make money online. It’s what I do to make money, and it’s what I’m going to teach you to do so you can earn money online too.

What’s Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is promoting and recommending other people’s or other company’s products in exchange for a commission.

Sounds very simple. Now, let me illustrate to you how it works.

Normally, when you look for something or want to buy something, you’ll jump into Google and search. So, let’s say I want to buy “organic baby products.” I don’t have any specific product in mind, I just want to look for all organic stuff for my baby.

As I type in Google what I’m looking for, it is already suggesting keywords that I will potentially search. Google’s predictive search feature uses a predictive search algorithm based on popular searches to predict a user’s search query as it is typed, providing a dropdown list of suggestions that changes as the user adds more characters to the search input.

This is very powerful stuff. We can use this predictive search in our keyword research, which we’ll discuss in length on succeeding emails.

As you can see on the image, the most popular search is organic baby clothes and organic baby products next to it.

Google Search Results

Google search results have evolved over the years. Now, when you’re looking for something, the first thing you’ll see are advertisements – those who paid Google Adwords.

You’ll also see various businesses who’ve used the same keywords to their website and added to Google maps. This is very interesting, as you can see big businesses like Target is leveraging all available outlets that Google provides to become very visible online.

Another addition to your search results is “People also ask” which gives you some insight into Google’s understanding of any topic. When you open up these questions, Google will give you a snippet of an article from a blog or website that is very relevant or answer the question.

Going through the search results, it really depends on what you’re looking for. Am I looking for a specific product to buy or where I can find them? Am I looking for suggestions for a product to buy?

Now, when I scroll to articles and blog posts, I can see a lot of list of organic baby products. And these are what I’m interested to read and find their recommendations.

Let’s have a look at the first article “19 Best Organic Baby Products of 2019.” This site is not a store but a collection of items that refer to the actual store – on this example, Amazon. When I clicked “Shop Now”, it will bring me to a link of the item. And if I buy this item, this website will earn a commission for referring me to Amazon.

In a nutshell, that is how affiliate marketing works. You don’t need to create a product. You just need a website and write about something you’re interested in.

Let’s have a look for another article 15 Best Natural Products of 2019 which is also on the first page of Google result. This is actually better than the first example above. It listed all the stores where I can get the product and with price comparison. These are all affiliate links and whatever I click and buy, this site will earn a commission.

What I Really Mean?

Based on the example given, I can make money by simply talking about organic baby products. I don’t have to create any products or open a storefront. I can make money right now by having a website and write some articles about it.

Making money online is that simple and everyone can do it.

Making money online is that simple and everyone can do it.

This is just one example. There are tons of topic or niche to choose from. It’s now up to you which one you’re enthusiastic to talk about and excited to test and refer to your readers.

Step by Step Guide In Making Money

Let’s have a rundown at what exactly you’ll be doing to make money online through affiliate marketing.

Step 1: Pick a Niche

This step is the most crucial. My advice is to choose a topic or niche that you’re interested in. Any topic has the potential to make money. Don’t overthink about the competition, or if it has no competition, or a business plan to make money.

Take a look again with my example of organic baby products. I randomly picked this topic which was highly influenced by having two kids. I can expand this topic into more organic stuff.

It is important that you pick a topic that you’ll enjoy and feel excited about. You’ll be surprised how words just pour out when you’re writing about it.

You can make some tweaks on your website as you grow. Scaling your niche has vast potentials.

The most important thing right now is to learn the process rather than hit a home run on your first try.

Step 2: Build Your Website

Building a website these days is easier than few years ago. Though, some beginners feel discouraged at first because of technical jargons used. These jargons didn’t change but the process has dramatically changed over the past years.

You can build a website as fast as in 30 seconds.

Don’t waste your time looking for the best blogging or website platform. WordPress is still the best platform to use that gives you full control of your website.

Step 3: Find Affiliate Programs

This is the best bit – how you make money. Find affiliate programs related to your niche and they are all FREE to join!

It seems easy as it sounds. Why not join to ALL AFFILIATE PROGRAMS? There is a drawback in doing that. Sure, you can put ALL the products on your website and paste affiliate links – the more, the merrier. But, do you think your readers will appreciate being referred to a product that you haven’t seen or used?

That’s why it is important that you do Step 1 truthfully. You have to have knowledge and interest on your niche to be able to talk about it passionately. By doing that, you’re gaining trust from your readers and they listen to your recommendation.

Step 4: Create Content

You need to provide people with helpful information on your website. We’re not making an online shopping mall Amazon product showcase here!

By providing people with useful, unique content, you gain authority on the internet.

“Authority” means better ranking in search engines, which means more visitors, more sales, and more money! Writing content is tough for many newbies, but there are many simple formats you can follow to create great articles for your website without using too much brainpower.

One basic style is the “top 10” style article, where you review the top 10 items in a category like “Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Husband” or “Top 25 Keto Recipes Online”.

Step 5: Promote and Expand

Once you’ve got the core website up, the work doesn’t stop there. To promote your website on the internet you can create a video, share pictures, write articles, answer questions, participate in forums, have your own podcast, guest blog on other peoples websites, and tons more stuff.

You can easily make a six-figure time income from just one website! You don’t need to run 20 tiny websites on different topics for multiple streams of income. One website can promote many different products and make money in many different ways.

In day 4, we’ll dig into some specific online business models that can help you diversify your income.

Tasks For Today

Task #1: What’s the most recent product you bought online?

Think about how the process happened including what you searched for, what websites you looked at, which links you clicked, and where the final transaction happened

Task #2: Write down 3 hobbies or interests

List a couple of paid products or services related to them. My hobbies are organizing (Konmari way) and reading non-fiction books. Do enjoy fishing or camping? Is knitting, making crafts or playing video games some of your passions?

Task #3: Watch Training Video

Watch Kyle’s tutorial about choosing your niche and if you have any questions, post them to the discussion area and see what everyone has to say.

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